74399_10150314932985173_5824860_nHi, I’m Amy.

I am a writer often contributing to online personal interest sites. However, I needed an uncensored space to obsess about food, dream about moving to the East Coast and lament over how often I say the F-word.francesca dress

I write everything from a parenting column that will make you wish you’d decided to just stick with pets to stories about how I’ve snuck through the tunnels of the New York Subway System to catch a thrill. Oh, and I Facebook a lot.

I’m a body confident, cat-a-holic, makeup obsessed, vintage dress loving chubby girl who, at nearly 40 is no longer afraid of dressing up, being confident and enjoying life. Fred is my husband. Clovis is my cat… Pluto is still a planet, in spite of what you may have heard.

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