An Ode to Clovis

10625153_10154799713420173_4712810334770270804_nHello again my feline friend. Want me to scratch you there? Of course!
You lucky cat.
You warm my lap time after time, magically appearing when i least expect it.

How DO you do that?
I gaze down at you and you up to me. Love is the way your eyes look at me.
Blue & gold peeking behind slightly closed, furry lids.


so intense..

so serious..

so content..10881638_10154998101920173_5229416452547390601_n

But wait! Something’s got your interest. You hunter of things… I think it is a string.
Leap away, investigate..
Boring… My lap? again? You want to try once more?
Oh My! …. first go get that spider on the floor!

What time is it?
I know, as you look up at me once again to let me know your belly is rumbling so.

Let’s see, chicken?

Not tonight huh?

Mmmm…  turkey and giblets.
Here you go… now eat slow.

10553516_10154405083660173_3636366543193445973_nBath time I see. First your whiskers. Long luxurious laps of the tongue as you lick your paw and wash your face. Get those ears and that belly. Soft sated purrs fill the air after your delicious supper while you curl up on the couch.  Don’t forget to tuck that tongue back in.

Time for bed, furry face. Tomorrow our day will begin again of chasing squirrels and birds through the window pane.
Finding that splendid spot of sunshine on the living room floor.

I doze off knowing you will be there in the crook of my arm as you always are, resting quietly.
Sleep well my sweet kitty.

I love you.10451121_10154988101300173_8458370575809264839_n