An out of the ordinary feeling

wpid-20141211_150605.jpgToday I walked in the door around 12:30pm to meet my husband at home so we could drive together to an appointment. I had early meetings this morning so I was up and to the office before he even  rolled out of bed this morning. When he saw me, the first words out of his mouth weren’t “hi” or “hello” but rather “You look so different without a dress on.”

This simple comment from my love is kind of a big deal for me. Prior to last year I was in a place so deeply entwined in self loathing that even thinking about wearing a dress in public was terrifying. Rarely did I dress in anything other than pants or jeans. However, mid-year 2014 I decided to stop that self depreciating trend and began wearing (& rocking) quirky dresses and skirts. The decision was a really purpouseful and calculated move on my behalf to see if I could work out some of the issues I was having with personal self esteem without having to seek out external help.  The “project” has really grown on me and I rarely wear slacks to work anymore. I thought it would feel awkward…  And it did for a while, but I stuck with it.  Its been about 7 months and I have completely acclimated to it. I admit, I feel weird with pants on my legs.

Today was a rare day where it felt too chilly in the morning to have pantless legs on the walk in to my ofice. So cold in fact that I couldn’t even fathom fleece lined tights with tall boots, so instead I slipped on a gray pair of trousers instead of the plaid dress I had laid out the night before.

As silly as it seems, hearing my hubby say it seemed odd to see me with pants on really made my day. His comment really reinforced the fact that I have actively worked hard at making several changes lately to help with my confidence level.
I can’t wait to pick out tomorrow’s outfit now…. even if it’s 20° below…. I’ll be showing off those gams and feeling good about myself.