catconlaBeing Lil BUB‘s biggest fan, I learned about her participation at the first ever CatConLA mid-year last year.

For those of you who are not cat-savvy (which I don’t understand in the least…) CatConLA is billed as:

A two-day weekend event happening in June, 2015, celebrating groundbreaking products and ideas in art and design, pop culture, and attitude… for cat people.

I.Am.Cat.People. I immediately told Mr. Man that I wanted to vacation to Los Angeles in June to visit this one of a kind cat lovers convention for my birthday gift. He obliged, and soon after we began keeping an eye on the CatConLA website for tickets to go on sale.

November, December & January rolled by and still no pre-sale ticket prices had been announced. The ticket link on the website just said “coming soon.”  When is soon?  I have a cross country trip to plan, I need some specifics. NOW!

Being a veteran convention goer, Mr. Man started to get concerned. He told me that it was highly unusual for organized and successful conventions to wait so long to announce pre-sale ticket prices so that people could plan for their trip. All of the conventions he had gone to in the past (NekoCon, OhayoCon, Anime Central, among others) seemed more organized. All 3 mentioned above are in their 15-18th year of continuation and are definitely more proactively organized. In most cases,tickets and room blocks were announced 7-10 months in advance of the event dates. What he was saying made sense, but I wanted to go so bad that I kind of poo-pooed his commentary with my overwhelming desire to get to LA and see BUB, Pudge and other famous Internet cat sensations.

The two of us began to think that CatConLA may be the next DashCon. (Click the link for an article about the disaster that is known as DashCon if you’re not sure what I’m talking about). I wasn’t about to pay for a plane ride to California just so I could spend an hour in a kiddie-ball-pit as a consolation prize for something I was looking so forward to. Therefore, we began to put our plans for a trip out West to rest. We rationalized not going by reminding ourselves that we’re headed on another cruise this year, as well as another upcoming trip to the East Coast just to… Well, just to go to New York and bum around… All things that cost money. We’re in the midst of some major career change around this household. Maybe risking hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars on a trip to a kitty cat convention wasn’t the smartest thing.bub

But oh, how I wanted to go and see my favorite little feline friends. I’ve had the pleasure of spending the day with Ms. BUB twice now – but I’ve been wanting to meet Ms. Pudge for several years as well… And on top of those two famous felines, CatConLA was promising appearances by animator Simon Toefeld (Simon’s Cat), Rob Reiger (Emily Strange) & Will Braden of Henri, Le Chat Noir fame. Ahhhhhhh, CatConLA would surely be my absolute paradise for 2 days. I would be surrounded by my people, others claiming and embracing their own insanity over this whole Internet Cat Celeberity train that I’ve been riding for the last 3 years or so. Think of all the cool stuff I could buy for my BUB room? I could continue to perpetuate my online cat persona (I’m already recognized by screen name and famous cat meet-n-greets as a fan of BUB’s and other famous kitties). I really wanted to go, but alas – the Mr. Man had me paranoid.

Lo-and-behold, tickets went on sale last week and the prices for the 2 day convention are surprisingly reasonable.

ADULTS: $25 for a day pass, $40 for the weekend
KIDS (Ages 5-12): $15 a day pass, $25 for the weekend

pudgecatconFantastic! Reasonable! Wait… Kids prices? Are they really expecting that many kids to show up?  Oh yeah, I forgot – I’m a giant kid… Kids like this stuff. Kids like kitties and rainbows…. Shit… Am I excited about a kid’s event? Um… It’s true what people have been saying about me, Isn’t it?

Anyhow, now the search for reasonable airfare and lodging while in the City of Angels is on our day to day agenda. Never having been to California before (and never really having any desire to go before now) I don’t really understand what it’s like to vacation or visit there. I’m expecting expensive.

This is my call out – I am looking for anyone else who is attempting to make the journey to LA in June for CatConLA. Please contact me, I am in definite need of a cat-buddy who is also traveling some distance to partake in this one of a kind Cat adventure.