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A list of things that I do – probably within the last 5 or so years – that I would have though was weird or dumb only a few years ago.



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A Theme…

faceI’ve discovered a theme – I only write when Fred is gone or when I’m alone. When he’s here were too busy having fun that I forget how much fun I actually have maintaining and writing in my blog.

Fred is in  MI hanging with the boys for the weekend and I’ve been making the most of my time away from routine by doing very routine things that I don’t take the time to do when Fred is here.  I treated myself to a (very expensive) haircut, I’ve gone out to get coffee twice, I drove along the coast of Lake Michigan from Whitefish Bay to Oak Creek, I ate a hot-dog at the beach, I stepped in goose-poop at the beach, I shopped for organizational stuff for my room and then I re-arranged my room, I went to the club by myself and danced to a very interesting mix of industrial spattered with “artists who have died in 2016 so far”  I made an omelette, I bought a fresh steak from the meat counter and cooked it up and had it for dinner – just steak – nothing else…It’s pretty interesting how your day-to-day changes when your significant other isn’t around.

However, he can come back now. I’m over it. I miss my partner in crime.

That aside, what else has been going on in San Juan land?  Working hard – that’s about  it.  Fred got a pretty fly new opportunity at his place of employment and recently transitioned into a new role.  It comes with a wide range of opportunities and a decent pay increase – but it took away his ability to spend 3-5 days a week in his underpants working from home…  A little give, a little take I say.  My work is the same. 10-12 hour days and then home to watch my stories and pass out on the couch.  Very glamorous, I know.

I’m very excited that my step daughter and her son are coming to visit in 2 weeks with her grandparents. I’m anxious to show Gabrielle where we live and let her see there is life after Bay City…  I’m proud to say she has graduated and achieved a scholarship for Delta College this upcoming fall and will be attending.  She even got a part time job.  I guess sometimes you have to give in and step away from the ones you love in order to let them blossom and grow – I would say she has made quite the turn since her 17th birthday and I’m increasingly proud of her every day!

I’m still loving Milwaukee – I like almost everything about it except the drivers and the fact that it’s 7+ hours away from everyone I love in MI…  But I have been making my best effort to make new friends and try not to be an anti-social/awkward prick….  I can be that way a lot (as I’m sure many of you know).  I love the spring and summer and fall here – it’s nice to strap on a backpack and be able to walk to get coffee or a drink or just be somewhere that is laid back – and there’s a lot of those kind of places here…  For example – Coffee-shops galore.  The best thing about being away from small town MI is the Music. So diverse. In the last half hour sitting here I’ve heard U2, The Cure, The Commodores, Alice Cooper, R.E.M. and Bob Dylan. Granted, I may not love it all but the fact that it’s not wall to wall country music really makes me happy

That being said, Fred likes Milwaukee even more than I do – I think he’s in love with it here.  I would have never believed that Mr. Homebody would find a spot in Wisconsin as happy-making as it does for him – but I honestly think he would have been happy anywhere we went – Moving was the key. Separation. Leaving the nest. As I’ve said 100 times before, we should have done this WAY before we were in our late 30’s.

Speaking of late 30s – Fred turns 40 in 2 months.  I’m 41 in less than a month. We’re cookieprobably at our unhealthiest that we’ve been in the last 10 years. Food is everywhere here. Winters are long. Motivation to exercise is low….  Then you walk past a window and catch your reflection and instinctively turn away because “OMG THAT CAN’T BE ME.”  But whatever – you think “I just won’t look in any windows”…  And then your husband goes to the Dr. and they put him on medicine for onset of diabetes.

The two of us struggle with food – Where as Fred is easily swayed by bad habits but can rebound rather quickly from weight-gain, I am a classic compulsive over-eater followed by periods of starvation and periods of severe depression from bad habits.  All of which does NOTHING good for my body, skin, hair, energy, or over-all mental state.  The OCD that I exhibited after my mom died morphed into hard core eating disorders that I’ve been struggling with for the last 8 or so years…. This time though, it’s like excess-excess-excess with no end in sight.  We have a freakin’ gym in our building that I’ve used a total of TWICE! I live in one of the most walker/biker-friendly cities in the US – yet I come home and watch YouTube videos for 3 hours every night after eating out at one of Milwaukee’s finest bistros and then go out for beers on the weekend.  It’s a slippery slope which we’ve both fallen in to and we feel terrible about it….  And I feel bad about it even now, as I sip a XL cup of hot tea with tons of half & half in it while eating a snickerdoodle…..  Hey – I had a vegetarian sandwich for lunch – that’s something, right?

All that depressing shit aside, what else is coming up?  Well, after a brief trip back to Bay City in early June to watch Gabrielle graduate, we turn around and pick up the fabulous Mike Petrowski to start out the summer of music with the Cure show in Chicago on June 10.  This is the last show on my bucket list for bands or artists I’d like to see before I (or they) die.  In addition to that show, Ben Folds is in MKE for Summerfest this summer which makes me happy…  And I’m excited to see the Barenaked Ladies again as well as Weird Al and the Violent Femmes – among a couple more that are headed here for summer festival time. Then this autumn we’ve got the Stabbing Westward reunion kicking off the beginning of the Cold Waves festival in Chicago – There’s just a lot of good music on the horizon.

That’s it – that’s my quarterly update.  I’m glad I pay all this money for hosting services and domain renewals to tell you everything I’ve already told you throughout the course of Faceook… But hey – it’s therapeutic.