Employment over Vagina

vaginaHey Everybody…  I had a crappy day today. With the changes going on in our lives over here I’ve been having massive highs and serious lows with my mood lately. Today was a low day. Why?

Well, having to get up and go to a job that you will no longer have in 3 weeks is kind of a drag… So going in to work for a place where many of your friends are either as stressed out as you are because they too will also have no job to go to in 3 weeks… or on the flip side – working alongside several people who will remain in their same jobs while you will not, isn’t necessarily the most amazing feeling in the world.

In the last 2 weeks so many things have happened that have just set me back training-wise at work.

1. We had a family funeral on Monday and that was a sudden day off of work that I wasn’t expecting.
2. Wednesday was the all day doctor fiasco with the fishing expedition to try to find my IUD and the resulting ultrasound to determine that it was imbedded.
3. More interviews (which are consuming a lot of time without a lot of result) are resulting in lots of half days and full days to travel to out of town/state interviews.

On top of that, my Dr. scheduled the outpatient IUD removal for Tuesday the 10th…  That meant another day or two off of work for the procedure and to recover.

As a result of all that time off – my new trainee feels like she hasn’t been getting the kind of “quality” training that she deserves. (I don’t deny it – I’ve been out a lot lately). When she heard that I was taking more time off she complained to my supervisor about my absences. As a result he sent me the most passive-aggressive email about potentially not fulfilling my obligation to the company and not receiving my severance if I continue to miss work without (what he said) “notifying him ahead of time.”

His note irritated me. People don’t die on schedule. Medical issues don’t happen according to a time-clock. Other companies don’t want to interview me after business hours. I have some serious priorities that I need to take care of before I separate from the company I work with so that I can continue to be successful after they take away my employment.

I grappled with how to respond to his note for several hours on Friday – and ultimately I composed a very well written, professional and well documented email to him and HR that included all of the days off that I have taken AS WELL as documented proof (including screen shots of my text messages from my phone). I felt angry, upset, nervous and even petty as I composed the note – but after it was complete (and proof-read by a couple of people) I felt confident enough to send it. After all, what do I have to lose?

Here are a few snippets from the note so you can understand what kind of a point I was trying to make:

“Please understand, my taking time off is nothing personal or spiteful toward the remainder of my time here at ***. I hope you would not be taking it that way.  Quite simply, because *** has decided to end my employment and because I haven’t been able to just simply slide into another *** position like *my replacement* was able to, I simply have a lot to get in order before my separation. I need the flexibility I’ve always been afforded by *** in order to take care of my own personal life while continuing to manage my work duties so that I may continue to be successful after my separation from ***. “

“after returning to work yesterday and learning that you and *My Replacement* were concerned about how my attendance may be affecting her *My Replacement’s* training, my husband and I have decided to postpone this procedure until *** determines it is more feasible for me to handle my health issues.  Because of my upcoming separation from the company, I do not have a lot of time left where I will have insurance that I can afford  so I am trying to take care of health issues before my benefits become unreasonable for me to pay for – even with the discount I will be offered. “

“Please let me know when you think scheduling 2 days off for a medical procedure would be most convenient for *** and I will call my gynecologist and re-schedule.  This way you can feel more comfortable that I will be available to transition *My Replacement* as you see fit.”

I thought for sure that if I outlined the situation rationally and pleaded my case as clearly as possible that he & HR would absolutely tell me to take care of my health before all other things.

Yep, that backfired on me – My awesomely awkward and unprofessional boss actually asked me to wait to schedule it until after I was done training so that it wouldn’t interfere with my transitioning the new girl into my job.

For all my company knows, I have crotch cancer…  They don’t know what the gynological outpatient surgery is all about