I tried it… I loved it. Sometimes I hated it

Bewertungs-set, vektor smileysI am not ashamed to admit that I am a really good consumer.  I like things.  I use stuff.  I like gimmicks.  I like things that are shiny and new.  I over-buy and usually don’t feel guilty about it because I always end up using what I buy.  I go through products and material goods like they are going out of style, and I still haven’t figured out how I don’t have cupboards and drawers full of products and items that just sit there endlessly without ever getting used.

I am a sucker for a new and improved product.  I find myself liking most new trends.  Even if I don’t admit to liking things at first, in the end I usually end up trying them out and liking them because I don’t want to be the only person who hasn’t tried the new-fandangled thing yet.

Knowing this about myself is why I have allowed myself to open up and get in to product reviews and testing.  I figured if I was going to admittedly be a sucker and buy everything new that I may as well let others who aren’t as impulsive as I am know what someone thinks of a certain product before they go and spend their money on it.

Most of my product reviews have been kept to the land of Instagram.  However, now that I have branched out to a blog format, I have decided that I will review a product, or two (or maybe even three) on this blog on a regular basis.  I need to come up with a fun name for this series, but overall I want to make sure that people who read my product reviews understand that my reviews will always be honest.  With honesty doesn’t always come positivity.  With that being said, the same kind of honesty also doesn’t lead to a lot of paid sponsor ships.  That’s fine – I’d rather give an honest review of a product then to get paid for pretending I like it.  Its also not worth it to me to give a good review to a product I really dislike just because a manufacturer gave it to me for free.

That being said – Starting next week Thursday will be the day that I start my new product review series.  I’m considering reviewing two or three of the following products that I have tried out lately.  What would you like to see reviewed?  Also, help me come up with a nifty name for this series.