Thanks Influenster: #C.Booth #FTW

2113901I joined the Influenster team about 10 months ago and every once in a while I will get a box in the mail with goodies to sample and review.  Sometimes I open the box and wonder why I was sent what I was sent.  But sometimes I find a winner that I just have to talk about.  This time around I got a coupon in the mail for a full sized C.Booth product to pick up and try.  At first I was like “oh Lord, I don’t need another body wash.”  I went out to Ulta‘s website to see what other things there were to try out from the brand and noticed the c.Booth Original Bath & Body Oil.

I don’t like lotion, yet in Winter my legs are flaky as heck and very, very itchy… So I find myself having to moisturize whether I like it or not. I hate the way lotion feels on my skin when I put clothes on over it…. But this is different. I slather some on BEFORE I towel dry every morning out of the shower then pat dry and it is amazing. it soaks in and feels like I’ve got nothing on my skin… But leaves me very moisturized. There is some kind of a smell to it but it’s pretty neutral and non-offensive so it doesn’t interfere with any fragrance I put on in the morning. Had I known about this stuff earlier I would probably own no lotion at all. It’s amazing!