It doesn’t have to cost a lot…

haulRecently I discovered the joy which is known as “DollarTree Makeup Hauls.” These videos are all over YouTube and one of my favorite YouTubers, JAMBeauty89 recently did one and I figured I should check my local Dollar Tree to see what I could find. There are a few reasons why shopping at the dollar store for makeup is a fun experience.

1.  Everything is only a dollar.  Makeup People (in my experience) tend to have very little control when it comes to shopping for cosmetics. When everything is only a dollar, If you come across something that absolutely sucks, you only wasted a dollar.

2.  Hidden gems are so wonderful when you find them.  The other day I hit up our local Dollar Tree and found some really great Milani Baked Shadows for a dollar. Normally I pick these up at the drugstore for about $4 – so saving $3 on them is super cool

3.  Because I travel a lot, I ruin a lot of makeup.  It’s a lot easier on my mind if I drop a $1 eyeshadow and bust it out of it’s pan than it is if I drop my Naked2 Pallet from Urban Decay and destroy $50 worth of product. I buy dollar store makeup sometimes specifically to travel with.

4.  Because…  Dollar stores you guys. You can really find some crazy shit at dollar stores!

In my haul earlier this week I picked up the items you see here to the left.  All of them are good in their own right and I spent only $6 on the whole lot.  The LA Colors trio actually swatchesturned out to be amazingly pigmented and gorgeous, and I wore an eye look to the office today using the middle color on my lid, the gold color on my crease and the bronze color on the right on my outer corner. Paired with an ELF mascara, my entire eye look cost only a fraction of $2.  I also used the Physicians Formula Retro Glow powder.  The payoff on that powder wasn’t as great as the LA Colors shadow – but then again, I only paid $1 for it…  So I feel little to no remorse if I happen to pass it on to a friend or… you know…  Just throw it away.