Hello from Milwaukee!

So we moved – we’re here – we no longer live in Bay City, MI – We’re in Milwaukee, WI. How the hell did that happen so fast?

fonzI just wanted to post an update for anyone who may read this blog and let you know that I haven’t died – I’m simply in the middle of a mid-life-coming-of-age-situation that I probably should have done for myself at least 15 years earlier. I have a million things that I want to talk about but basically since we got here 4 weeks ago all I’ve had time to do is move in to our apartment, start working, discover Milwaukee’s traffic and eat a whole bunch of really good food.

We’re still exploring – but I can definitely say that this leap of faith that we took to finally move out of our “comfort zone” is working and welcome. The decision has resulted in a whole bunch of really positive things: Musical awakening, attitude readjustment, career advancement, financial freedom, resurgence of independence, an even closer relationship with my husband than ever – and best of all – reconciliation with my step-daughter. Boy, I sure did miss her.

paper boxMilwaukee is a great town. I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far. Summer is a really great time to live downtown and I’m very pleased with our apartment selection (a former abandoned paper box factory erected in early 1900’s) despite not really knowing the city all that well when we came here to shop for a place to live. We have so much more exploring to do. It’s great to have  a new mentality about “working for the weekend.” Previously we’d slave all week just to get to Saturday and Sunday just so we could get to the things around the house that we couldn’t get to during the work week. Now we’re excited about Saturday and Sunday so we can relax, explore and actually do new things. Its probably premature to say that I love it here because anytime you move to a new and exciting place, the first several weeks/months feel more like a vacation than anything…  But I really do love it here.  I can’t wait for all of my peeps back home to come and visit.

The job I was recruited for is really wonderful – so far I work with a bunch of really great people and my team and manufacturing facility is so small and intimate compared to what I was doing back in Michigan.  My new boss is such a departure from my former manager. She’s down to earth, realistic and a mentor rather than a dictator. She TRIES to make me feel comfortable and I have a respect for her that I haven’t felt toward a supervisor/manager in many, many years. It’s going to be a good combination. It helps that we’re about the same age and she’s really fun and outspoken like me.

Mr. Man also landed a job that he’s really enjoying – as a matter of fact, there are severalfreds view aspects of his job that I’m really jealous of. For one, he works about 3 minutes from where we live, he can take the bus if he wants to, he works right downtown, he has a view of the Milwaukee art museum and War Memorial on the lakefront and can watch the boats from his office…  And best of all – His company caters in lunch for their whole team every afternoon.  As I’m sitting at my desk in Grafton (20 miles north of the city) he is sending me texts with pictures of the sushi, pasta and Indian food that he just ate…  He’s kind of an ass. 🙂

We’re settling in – it’s all good – We’re finally starting to see some positive movement on our house back in Michigan and hopefully it will be off our hands soon.  We’re planning our concert selection for SummerFest, are going to events and are learning all about new music thanks to Radio Milwaukee (88.9), attending really cool events at the Oriental Theater downtown, Are getting pumped about cooking food we buy at Milwaukee’s zillion farmers markets this summer, and drinking lots and lots of really good Wisconsin beer.

Living Well Is the Best Revenge – Finally Realized. More adventures to come now that I’m here and starting to chill out a little.