Lets talk about ModCloth

Full Of Purr-Sonality Dress - Regular $54.99

ModCloth is quite possibly my favorite, online, clothing store – reason being because they allow so many unique designers to showcase their products on their site.  It’s not easy to find the unique and quirky variety that can be found on the ModCloth webpage, and what’s more is that they have a very generous range of sizes for ladies of all shapes to choose from. They have an excellent selection of vintage reproduction clothing which is a very popular style trend right now, and from what I’ve experienced, a return process which is hassle free.

Product quality varies and I find that quality is quite consistent with retail price of the product.  A dress you can find on the ModCloth site for $25 retail is going to be of a lesser quality than a dress you find that retails for $95.  That being said, ModCloth is like any other retail store – you pay for what you get.

The beauty of Modoth’s website is that your shopping experience is highly influenced by customer comments and reviews.  Not only are customer comments open on this site (as on most) but there is a style gallery where users can upload photos of themselves wearing the items that they have purchased from the site.  This is useful because as a customer you are able to see community photos from people modeling the clothes you are interested in that aren’t picture-perfect and that more closely match your size and shape.  What is also wonderful is that they encourage reviews to mention what size was purchased, along with requesting personal measurements so that you are able to compare customers of similar sizes testimonials about the piece you are interested up against your own measurements.

Site navigation is not overly complicated, and their smartphone app is quite intuitive with good sorting features to narrow down your searches to exactly what style, size and price point you are looking for.  The app can prove quite dangerous as for me, it’s often a time-killer to browse the site for cute cat clothing and accessories as I wait in line or am delayed.

The site definitely has a higher end and a lower end – but what’s great about it is the accessibility to all budgets.  For example, this Holiday season there were hundreds of items available on the site marked down by 50%.  After the holidays, additional coupon codes for an extra 20% off orders were emailed to some customers.  I was able to order six dresses and 2 skirts I’ve had my eye on for less than $200 this Holiday season.  Regularly, I would have paid almost $450 for the same items.  Needless to say, I was quite pleased.

The album below highlights some of my the ModCloth pieces I have in my wardrobe that are my favorites.


2 thoughts on “Lets talk about ModCloth

  1. ModCloth is my favorite, too. I love how easy their chat option is if you have questions about an order, return, etc. I also love their Style Gallery. It opens up some doors for budding bloggers (like myself)! 🙂

    • Lindsey – you’re right about ModCloth… Their customer service is great and their return policy is easy and very generous. I love it, especially being weird with sizes. I never fear if something is going to fit or not because I know there isn’t going to be a hassle if I have to send it back to exchange.

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