Life Update

Moving-Out-Highway-Sign-psd18167Hi. I’m still here. The job hunt is still on. I’ve had 3 interviews, been turned down once and rejected one offer.  I have another position I’m waiting to hear about, hopefully soon. Next week I have another local interview and then 3 out of town for the week after that. I continue to work in my current position and train my replacement. She’s learning.

Our availability has opened up significantly since we’ve decided to move and leave the tri-cities. The house is (sadly) up for sale, but we’re optimistic. I have opportunities in Detroit, Holland & Georgia. Nobody really knows where we’ll end up, but both of us are excited for the change. We have been discussing housing options, places we’d like to go and places we definitely don’t want to go. Amazingly enough, Manhattan is off the platter for possibilities – and for once, we both agree on it.

The rush is on to get all of our major health issues addressed before I leave my current company so we’ve been in and out of doctors offices for the last few weeks. I am pleased to say that Mr. Man has a (mostly) clean bill of health. He recently lost a significant amount of weight and is feeling pretty good and stress free since moving away from his job.

Me?  Well, most recently I found out that my IUD, which was ready for removal, has embedded itself inside of my uterine lining. Yay! Outpatient surgery to have that removed is on the horizon next week. I’ve decided not to get another IUD and to go for a different kind of long term/hormonal birth control called Nexplanon.

Of course, every time the tide changes and it’s time to change up birth control the “what if” question comes up about potentially conceiving. The conclusion we always come to is NO. Yes, we had that discussion the other day. The answer is still no. This will likely be the last time we have that discussion as for the next time birth control becomes a topic for conversation I will be well into my 43rd year – and that’s just too damn old.

Otherwise, we’re trying to keep calm and cool amiss all of this change. It’s very exciting and scary all at the same time.

I am happy to be on this new adventure with my favorite person in the world.