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removing in mirror with pondsI love Big Lots.  It’s a cheapskate’s paradise.  Not only can you find some really cool name-brand stuff there for super cheap, but it’s also a wonderful place to discover hidden gems that you may have never heard of before.  I find that Big Lots has a lot of beauty items that I can often get cheaper there than at the drugstore or grocery store.  I typically stock up on shampoo and conditioners, body washes, mascaras & other makeup items on a regular basis.  I also buy cat-litter, weird ethnic foods and lots and lots of electronic accessories from the “Lots.”  It’s always a fun time searching for treasures in that store.

One of the most practical things I’ve ever found at Big Lots for cheaper than I can find anywhere else are makeup wipes.  In particular, I’ve found that the Epielle brand of wipe is pretty damn great for the price that you can get them for at Big Lots.  A pack of 60 Epielle wipes runs me only $2.00.  Prior to finding the Epielle brand at Big Lots, I was using the Simple brand of wipe which was running me $5.99 for 25 wipes or the Ponds wipes which run about $4.00 for 30 wipes.  After experimenting with the Epielle brand of wipes for quite a while, I’ve found that I actually quite like the quality of the product for the price.  There are pro’s and cons between the different wipes, for sure – but for the price I’ve found that you really can’t beat the savings in the Epielle brand.

Epielle = .033 per wipe
Simple = .23 per wipe
Ponds = .13 per wipe

The savings are quite evident.  But what about the quality?  How do they work?  What’s the formula like?  Well, let’s take a look!

full face makeupTo begin, I went up to my vanity and put on a crap-load of makeup.  I figured that if I was going to demonstrate differences between makeup remover wipes that I really wanted to put each of them through the ultimate test.

Here are all the products that I used on my face.  Why did I choose some of this stuff?  Well, I figured these products would really put these wipes to the test, and I applied my productsmakeup with a heavy hand for that reason.  For example – MAC Retro Matte lipsticks are notoriously a bitchy-bitch to remove from lips, so I went all out and used my Ruby Woo shade for that beautiful, red lip.  I also find that Laura Geller mascaras are really hard to get off of my lower lash line without using a lot of makeup remover.  Also hard to get off my eyes are baked eye shadows (of any brand), especially when applied wet. Furthermore, my most difficult (and disliked) foundation to remove from my face is my Bare Minerals Bare Skin formula.  I always find it to be overly oily-feeling and kind of slimy when removing.

wipesYep, I went for all those products. That’s a lot of makeup.  Much, much more than I would ever wear on a regular basis, but a good test of whether or not these wipes will really accomplish with makeup removal.

First, I started with the right side of my face and removed my makeup with the Simple wipes.  The ones I used are the exfoliating style and I have to say, they’re not my favorite.  I get that they are exfoliating, but they’re pretty rough nonetheless.  They’re not overly wet, but do have a good bit of moisture to them.

simpleOn the foundation the Simple wipes worked pretty well, but I didn’t really enjoy using these anywhere around the eye area. They’re pretty sharp and gritty for that sensitive of an area.  However, around the mouth area, getting that Retro Matte lipstick off was definitely easier with the Simple wipes than with the other.  As you can see in the picture to the left, there is a considerable amount of product on the wipe after removing the entire right side of makeup off of my face.epielle wipe

The Epielle wipes are not rough at all – and I also find them to be much more moist than the Simple wipes. An added bonus is the variety of scents – Cucumber, Citrus, Aloe, etc…  They all smell really nice.

As you can see here to the right, there seems to be a lot less product lifted off of the left side of my face using the Epielle brand wipe than there was with the Simple wipe.  I’m sure the texture of the Simple wipe has a lot to do with that.

After all that makeup and wiping with both kinds of wipes, I still felt like I had makeup on my face.  As you can see here, I definitely had eye-makeup leftovers – as I usually do regardless of any kind of remover I use on my eyes.  Why is eye makeup so difficult to remove anyhow?  I broke out the Cover Girl Expert Eyes remover, which is what I’ve been using for eye-makeup removal for years now.  It never fails me and it’s really gentle.

I figured I probably still had some makeup on my face…  I usually always do – and in case you’re wondering I firmly believe that just a makeup wipe should NOT be the only thing used on any face for complete, before-bed makeup removal.  In my opinion you must ALWAYS wash your face before bed with a gentle cleanser and warm water.  You never want to sleep in makeup.  It’s just gross and causes blemishes.

pondsFor purposes of demonstrating that I thought I probably had some residual makeup left over after both wipe trials, I broke out my favorite makeup remover wipe of all time, Ponds.  I’ve been using the Ponds brand for several years and I love the texture of the wipe along with the moisture content, and even the scent.

I was right…  There was still some product left on my face after ponds usedusing both the Epielle and the Simple wipes – not a lot, but a significant enough amount to warrant my previous comments about how important it is to follow up any makeup removal with a real water based face wash.

the resultSo what’s the final verdict?  All of these wipes perform well, but seriously – how can you beat using a product that runs you less than a penny per use?  To be honest, I would have to say that I prefer the Epielle texture to the Simple texture – but that being said there are different types of Simple brand wipes to choose from, so that’s not really a fair statement. The Simple brand wipe seemed to remove the most makeup – but that could vary according to whichever texture of the Simple wipe you ultimately choose.

Half & Half Y'All

Half & Half Y’All

I hadn’t used a Ponds wipe in quite a while – and honestly I have to say that after breaking out the old-favorite I remembered why I actually used them for so long.  The Ponds have the most moisture and best texture.

So the clear winners by category are:

Texture:  Ponds
Scent & Price:  Epielle
Effectiveness of makeup removal:  Simple Brand

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  1. That Laura Geller mascara is crazy hard to get off! I glad mine is just a sample size. Even my cleansing oil has a hard time breaking that stuff down.

    I love those epielle wipes. I rarely use them (or any brand really) to remove makeup though. Well, not before cleansing anyway. I put my eye makeup on first so I’ll use one to get rid of fallout. And if I decide to swatch stuff on my hand, it’s great for removing that too.

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