A new routine

my glorious bed

My Glorious Bed

My favorite piece of furniture in my home is my bed.  It’s a Sleep Number (My personal number is a 40, in case you were wondering) and it is glorious.  Its topped with a big, fluffy, down duvet, flannel sheets and a soft and fuzzy blanket.  Between my husband and I we share 5, down filled pillows that are so squishy and delightful.  If I could live in my bedroom full time, I definitely would.  It’s spacious, yet cozy at the same time. I’ve purposely omitted a television from the room specifically so when we go to bed, the only thing we have to concentrate on is sleeping.  Or… other stuff that doesn’t require a T.V. 🙂 You see, I love sleeping and napping and there’s nothing I like more than lingering in bed on a weekend morning for hours longer than I really need to.  I am NOT a morning person, I never have been and I’ve groomed my bed to be a place I absolutely love to be.

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I tried it… I loved it. Sometimes I hated it

Bewertungs-set, vektor smileysI am not ashamed to admit that I am a really good consumer.  I like things.  I use stuff.  I like gimmicks.  I like things that are shiny and new.  I over-buy and usually don’t feel guilty about it because I always end up using what I buy.  I go through products and material goods like they are going out of style, and I still haven’t figured out how I don’t have cupboards and drawers full of products and items that just sit there endlessly without ever getting used.

I am a sucker for a new and improved product.  I find myself liking most new trends.  Even if I don’t admit to liking things at first, in the end I usually end up trying them out and liking them because I don’t want to be the only person who hasn’t tried the new-fandangled thing yet.

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Old, Cat-crazed woman seeks blog…

lipstick2015 is 14 days in and this new blog (a gift from my excellently-thoughtful husband) has been up and running for a few weeks now.  Because work has been something of a nightmare with all of the automotive plants I support coming back up full-force for 2015 production, I haven’t had as much time to dedicate to the development of this site as I would have liked to.

So that gets you probably asking…  “So Amy, what is your vision for this website?”

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Washing Cosmetic Brushes – Why Its Important & How I Do It.

20150107_202326We all have our fair share of poor beauty habits, and one of the most common offenses is unclean brushes. Although it may seem unimportant, failing to clean and sanitize the tools you use on your face can be worse than forgetting to wash it!  Taking proper care of your brush bristles helps with their performance, extends their lifetime, and prevents harmful bacteria from forming.

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BoxyCharm is actually quite… Charming!

box closedI’ve been subscribing to and reviewing beauty boxes now for several months and have primarily been sticking to the more inexpensive boxes to review such as Ipsy, BirchBox, Walmart, etc.  However, after 2 very disappointing months with both Ipsy and Birchbox I decided to ditch both of those subscriptions and take my chances on BoxyCharm. BoxyCharm is a slightly more expensive subscription box service ($21 monthly) but what I had heard is that the samples are larger and are more makeup-oriented, which is what I was hoping for.  Continue reading

Wal-Mart has a beauty box subscription?

walmart box outsideI have to start out by expressing my opinion of Wal-Mart.  I do shop there, but only on rare occasion as I have found our local store to be kind of stereotypically like what you see on the peopleofwalmart.com website.  I don’t like the atmosphere in there and I absolutely try not to buy anything that I may potentially have to return, as I’ve never spent less than a half hour in line trying to return an item at their service desk.  However, sometimes Wal-Mart’s prices just can’t be beat, so if it really comes down to it, I will shop there to get a bargain.

Therefore, when I learned that there even was such a thing as a Wal-Mart Beauty Box (through watching EmilyNoel83‘s review) I figured what the heck?  I don’t have to step into the store to pick it up, it’s only $5…  I’ll give it a try.

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Blue Apron Weekly Meal-Plan Delivery: Review

Chopped Chicken & Brussels Sprouts Salad

Chopped Chicken & Brussels Sprouts Salad with Currants & Fried Shallots

A couple of months ago my husband heard of the Blue Apron home delivery food service on a podcast he regularly listens to (Rooster Teeth) and learned of a promo code they were offering for some free meals.  We love to cook, so we decided to give it a go – and if all failed, we would just cancel the service.  Since day one we’ve become huge fans of Blue Apron! We’ve been subscribed for over three months now and have only skipped only 2 weeks of deliveries over that time.

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Lets talk about ModCloth

Full Of Purr-Sonality Dress - Regular $54.99

ModCloth is quite possibly my favorite, online, clothing store – reason being because they allow so many unique designers to showcase their products on their site.  It’s not easy to find the unique and quirky variety that can be found on the ModCloth webpage, and what’s more is that they have a very generous range of sizes for ladies of all shapes to choose from. They have an excellent selection of vintage reproduction clothing which is a very popular style trend right now, and from what I’ve experienced, a return process which is hassle free.

Product quality varies and I find that quality is quite consistent with retail price of the product.  A dress you can find on the ModCloth site for $25 retail is going to be of a lesser quality than a dress you find that retails for $95.  That being said, ModCloth is like any other retail store – you pay for what you get.

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Don’t Burn Your Beans

burned coffeeRecently my favorite little coffee-shop changed ownership.  My friend, who had owned it for many years, decided to get out of the coffee biz and move on to bigger and better things.  Good for him – the place was a time-suck and he dedicated every moment of every day to that place.  I think that’s probably why I enjoyed it so much.  He really put a lot of effort into building it from what it was when he took it over nearly 10 years ago to the place that many, many people called their “comfort spot” for several years.

Bay City, MI is a relatively small town with a decently populated downtown area – and at one time I actually can remember saying that we didn’t need another coffee shop.  For a period, there were new shops popping up all over the downtown area and – as you can imagine, we were stuck on our own little place that we loved.  Now though, every shop we have has a downfall.  Either they close too early, are run by 19 year olds who play music I can’t handle or….  In the case of the new shop owners of my favorite place…  They burn their beans.

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