Sober to Drunk Podcast #1 – The Morning After

morning after

The morning after

At the beginning of the year Mr. Man and I decided to put ourselves on a very strict budget. Student loans are kicking our ass. We also booked another cruise and want to make sure we don’t go in to bankruptcy for the sake of spending 8 days in the Caribbean drinking cocktails.

The budget happened way before I learned that I was being laid off, so after the news that I’d be out of work this spring, we tightened down even more.

As most of you probably know, being on a budget really slows down the social life a lot.  Mr. Man and I like to be social.  We LOVE to do things.  We really, really, really enjoy spending money. Well, since the budget came in to play we’ve been sticking pretty close to home.

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Unemployment Optimism

Unemployed-merlIt has been close to 15 years since I have been unemployed.  That’s kind of a long time for anyone who lives in the great state of Michigan.  That being said, being faced with my upcoming layoff date of March 31, I’ve really been thinking about how different things are being unemployed today than they were all that time ago.

First and foremost, I’ve aged 15 years since the last time I was faced with having to call the UIA on a weekly basis. I’ve grown up a lot and I think this has a lot to do with why I feel less freaked out about my impending “doom” this time than I was 15 years ago.  I posted the status you see below on Friday after several days of a roller-coaster of emotions the 25 of us that were laid off went through last week.  I realizestatus that not only was I shocked at my own optimism about my impending lay off, but that I would have never had the ability to vocalize my frustrations, fears and joys as easily as I had this time around.  In other words, the last time I got let-go there was no such thing as FaceBook. I’m not sure yet if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

So I’m calm…  Not only that, but this wasn’t a sudden layoff like the last one was. The last employer that decided to get rid of me did it in a very sudden and abrupt fashion. (They cleaned out my desk for me while they had me in the office telling me they had eliminated my position – and then escorted me and my box of stuff out of the building)  This time, I have actually got a couple of months to search for something new.  That’s kind of a blessing and a curse (More on that sometime later).

However, now that the U.S. is coming out of the recent recession and the the economy is improving across the entire country, I do feel better about my chances of landing a comparable (or better) position than the one I am leaving after 11 consecutive years of employment.  Michigan, while still one of the more difficult states to work and live in, seems a little more forgiving for the supply chain industry now than it did 5-6 years ago. I don’t feel like I have to flee the state just to find another job. Granted, I would love to move on to another locale and have been toying with that idea for many, many years – but timing is not quite right yet. On top of that, I have achieved 2 more degrees since the last time I was unemployed, so having those diplomas under my belt really helps me feel better (Also, more on this later).

I can remember the first time I went through the process of trying to sort out and apply for unemployment.  I was confused and worried that I wouldn’t be approved.  I basically lived paycheck to paycheck so I absolutely needed some weekly income or else I feared losing my house, my car and everything I had acquired over the 5-6 years that I had been working.  It turns out that all of that fun stuff happened – foreclosure, repossession, bankruptcy…  And many other unpleasant things as a result of losing my job AND going through a divorce all at the same time.  However, this time I feel much more calm and optimistic.  Age does that to a person, I suppose, but its weird because I am still in jeopardy now of all of the same things happening as I was 15 years ago. I guess I’ just more optimistic that I may not even have to file with good ‘ole M.A.R.V.I.N this time.  Who Knows?

As I mentioned in the post I made the day I received the news that I was laid off, I would have never quit my job on my own to pursue anything better or more accommodating because my learned work ethic doesn’t suggest that kind of behavior. The issues I have with my current job has nothing to do with the nature of the work but rather the organization of the group I work in. The current organization of the company I am working for is not ideal for supply chain professionals (we do not sit with our manufacturing people and are expected to schedule from a separate location – difficult) so I struggled almost daily with not being able to lay my hands and eyes on the materials I was ordering and producing.

I am optimistic that I can move in to a future role where I can re-establish those relationships with the manufacturing folks in my group.  I’ve learned that being in touch with the people who make what I schedule is so very important.

Makeup Remover Wipe Comparison

removing in mirror with pondsI love Big Lots.  It’s a cheapskate’s paradise.  Not only can you find some really cool name-brand stuff there for super cheap, but it’s also a wonderful place to discover hidden gems that you may have never heard of before.  I find that Big Lots has a lot of beauty items that I can often get cheaper there than at the drugstore or grocery store.  I typically stock up on shampoo and conditioners, body washes, mascaras & other makeup items on a regular basis.  I also buy cat-litter, weird ethnic foods and lots and lots of electronic accessories from the “Lots.”  It’s always a fun time searching for treasures in that store.

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I got fired today..

wineI lost my job today. I’m celebrating (?) by having just a “small’ glass of wine before I wind down for the night.  Yep, those are tissues in the background…  Their placement is purely coincidental.  I haven’t shed a tear over my job loss today.

OK that’s a lie – I cried a little bit – kind of out of shock – but not because I’m upset.

Normally, announcing sudden unemployment from my job wouldn’t be something that I would openly discuss with the world on a blog.  I am one of those people who is really self conscious about stuff like this and being unemployed is usually a sign of weakness for me.  I don’t like not being in control – so when someone snatches something right out from under me without any warning, I tend to get really hostile and upset.  However, that wasn’t the case today.  I, along with about 20 – 30 of my fellow co-workers were let go suddenly and unexpectedly.  We have 2 months of work left and then are released with severance.

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An out of the ordinary feeling

wpid-20141211_150605.jpgToday I walked in the door around 12:30pm to meet my husband at home so we could drive together to an appointment. I had early meetings this morning so I was up and to the office before he even  rolled out of bed this morning. When he saw me, the first words out of his mouth weren’t “hi” or “hello” but rather “You look so different without a dress on.”

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I used to like

I used to like independent movies.
Now I find most of them over-reaching and kind of boring.

I used to like new music.
Then the 90s ended.

I used to like live concerts.
Then Ticket Master started charging enormous service charges.

I used to like baking.
Then I bought a house with a crappy stove, and haven’t replaced it.

I used to like road trips.
Then my knees began to ache every time we sat in the car for a long time.

I used to like gin
Then…  Hangovers in your 30s.

I used to like parties.
Then all of my friends had children.

I used to like ballet flats.
Then my arches began to fall.

Review: Pixel Lip Butter

pixel tubesProduct reviews are a dime a dozen here on the Internet.  Product reviews for cosmetics are VERY prevalent in Cyber Land.  Beauty bloggers, wannabe makeup artists and people who have nothing better to spend their money on (like myself) seem to really like to give their opinions on makeup using vlogs, blogs and product reviews on websites.  People’s opinions about the things they buy can be very entertaining.  Have you read some of the hilarity on  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the reviews for milk on Amazon.  It sounds stupid, but I have spent many hours reading reviews on cow’s milk and laughing my ass off.  Thanks for the free entertainment

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The Pope, the Exorcist & my mother

pope_rosaryI was always afraid that Jesus would inadvertently kill my mother.  For many years, she had a giant, ivory rosary hanging in her bedroom above her bed.  Each gigantic bead was carved with a silhouette of the Virgin Mary or Jesus depending on what prayer you were to say on the corresponding bead.   The rosary was a gift from my grandparents after a pilgrimage to St. Anne de Beaupré to see Pope John Paul II sometime in the 80s.  The rosary used to freak me out, not because it was scary looking but because it was at least five feet long and extremely heavy.  I always feared that it might fall off the wall on to her head in the middle of the night while she was sleeping and kill her.

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A new routine

my glorious bed

My Glorious Bed

My favorite piece of furniture in my home is my bed.  It’s a Sleep Number (My personal number is a 40, in case you were wondering) and it is glorious.  Its topped with a big, fluffy, down duvet, flannel sheets and a soft and fuzzy blanket.  Between my husband and I we share 5, down filled pillows that are so squishy and delightful.  If I could live in my bedroom full time, I definitely would.  It’s spacious, yet cozy at the same time. I’ve purposely omitted a television from the room specifically so when we go to bed, the only thing we have to concentrate on is sleeping.  Or… other stuff that doesn’t require a T.V. 🙂 You see, I love sleeping and napping and there’s nothing I like more than lingering in bed on a weekend morning for hours longer than I really need to.  I am NOT a morning person, I never have been and I’ve groomed my bed to be a place I absolutely love to be.

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I tried it… I loved it. Sometimes I hated it

Bewertungs-set, vektor smileysI am not ashamed to admit that I am a really good consumer.  I like things.  I use stuff.  I like gimmicks.  I like things that are shiny and new.  I over-buy and usually don’t feel guilty about it because I always end up using what I buy.  I go through products and material goods like they are going out of style, and I still haven’t figured out how I don’t have cupboards and drawers full of products and items that just sit there endlessly without ever getting used.

I am a sucker for a new and improved product.  I find myself liking most new trends.  Even if I don’t admit to liking things at first, in the end I usually end up trying them out and liking them because I don’t want to be the only person who hasn’t tried the new-fandangled thing yet.

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