Review: Pixel Lip Butter

pixel tubesProduct reviews are a dime a dozen here on the Internet.  Product reviews for cosmetics are VERY prevalent in Cyber Land.  Beauty bloggers, wannabe makeup artists and people who have nothing better to spend their money on (like myself) seem to really like to give their opinions on makeup using vlogs, blogs and product reviews on websites.  People’s opinions about the things they buy can be very entertaining.  Have you read some of the hilarity on  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the reviews for milk on Amazon.  It sounds stupid, but I have spent many hours reading reviews on cow’s milk and laughing my ass off.  Thanks for the free entertainment

Anyhow, I’m no expert on anything (except maybe napping).  However, I find myself drawn to wanting to do the same.  As mentioned previously, I enjoy buying things and I really like talking about the things I buy.  I’ve always been this way.  Many people don’t care what I think – but I’ve found that through the magic of social media, there are actually a lot of people listening to what I have to say.  Since I began reviewing subscription boxes last year, at least 20 of my Facebook friends have also signed up for monthly subscriptions.  That is just one example of how I have used social media and my desire for going on and on about stuff I like to cultivate a community of like-minded friends who are as excited to try & talk about the same things as I am.  It’s been fun, and I’ve found the enthusiasm I exude for the items I try can be infectious to others.  In other words, I know how to get people to want to try stuff.  In addition to beauty box subscribers,  I have given away 8 free weeks worth of food through Blue Apron to folks online through incentive programs that Blue Apron has offered me in turn for reviews.  I have made several new friends with similar interests in vintage dresses & clothing by posting about them on Instagram.  I can’t even count the number of people I have communicated with about my Lil Bub obsession, collection, room, visits, etc. by utilizing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to document my love for that little cat.

It’s been fun, and I want to keep it going. Long story short – I bring to you today a review on something that I just happened to stumble across one day recently while out spending my hard-earned money.  I would have never thought twice to give any kind of opinion about lipstick – but when I started thinking about what to review for you today, I started to think about items that may have limited chatter about them online.  I went out to see what others had to say about the product I was thinking about reviewing and to my surprise, I found very limited conversation about this product – so I’m here to add my opinion.


Hello Clovis >^..^<

Let’s talk about the drugstore-ish brand of lipstick by the company, Pixel Cosmetics.  I found the Pixel display on the drugstore side of my local Ulta, and upon further investigation I learned that this brand is exclusive to Ulta stores.  The website claims “department store quality without the department store price.” The line includes products for eyes, lips and nails, and prices run between $2 and $5.99. However, the day I shopped for Pixel everythig on the display was marked clearance, and I got lipsticks for $1.49, polish for .69, shadows for .99 and baked shadows for $1.49.  I’m not sure if the line is being discontinued at some Ulta stores or what, but for the price I definitely could not pass up grabbing a few colors of every product to try out.

I would like to review all the products within good time, but today all I’m interested in talking about are the lipsticks – or lip “butters” as they are labeled.  I bought the colors (left to right)

  • Cheerful – Frosty shimmer
  • Loving – Matte
  • Appreciative – Matte
  • Serene – Satin
  • Animated – Satin

Being that these are marketed as lip butters, I do notice that the color-payoff isn’t as great right out of the tube as i may have expected.  The swatches above are 3 to 4 swipes each.  But there is a decent amount of color and I have noticed that all of the shades I tried are buildable.

Surprisingly, for less than two bucks, these lipsticks aren’t that bad.  They glide on pretty smooth and feel really moisturizing.  However, they wear for crap.  I find myself reapplying them several times throughout the day.  Using them with a lip liner helps margionally, but the butters are just so… buttery that they seem to slide right down my chin within a half hour of wear.

But let’s be honest – it’s a lipstick for a dollar and a half and it is FUN to have lots of different shades of lipsticks to play with.  That being said, that’s about all these lippies are good for – playing around.  I wouldn’t recommend these for folks looking for extreme staying power or who have extremely oily skin, as they tended to bring out a lot of oilyness in my mouth area when I wore them.

In a nutshell:

What I liked:
  • Application – this glided onto my lips perfectly. I loved how buttery these lipsticks are
  • Moisturizing – They are not dry at all, almost to a fault
  • Price point – for $1.49 you really can’t go wrong
  • Color – 18 colors to choose from in a variety of different finishes.  For the price, it’s a great variety to experiment with
What I didn’t like:
  • Staying power – It’s mediocre at best.
  • Scent – Smells very “cosmetic-y” and isn’t pleasant
  • Packaging – Pretty, but lids slide off of tubes very, very easily.  Not recommended for keeping in purse