Products I’ve been Trying

Lately, every time I go into a drugstore, grocery store or any store that sells cosmetics and HBA I feel like I am picking up something new to try. The last couple of weeks have been quite interesting and I’ve had quite a few new products to try out due to some good deals at Rite-Aid, Ulta, Sephora and KMart. Here are a few shots of my recent mini-hauls and my first impressions on some of the products in the photos.

2Firstly, I finally bit the bullet and ordered me some Colourpop cosmetics from their website. I probably spent 2 days going back and forth about what colors I wanted to try out for the shadows and even longer trying to pick out some lippie stix colors I thought that I would actually wear. Let me start with the lippies.

First, their matte formula is amazing. It stays on my lips for hours and doesn’t get all crusty and patchy because it’s actually creamy despite the very flat/dry looking finish. I love the color Brink that I picked up – it’s a nice neutral. Frida is more of a satin finish but is still quite matte and nice and creamy. Pitch is a very dark brown – and to be honest, I don’t know what I was thinking. Dark brown isn’t for me – but I have found that when I blend it with the Brink or the Frida color that it gives me a nice, chocolaty nude color that isn’t too bad.  I wish I would have gotten some more variety in the lippie sticks when I picked them out – a nice red or a berry would have been something else to try. If I order again, I will probably go with the shade Bichette which seems to be a rosy red and maybe a nice fuschia-pink like Heart On. I’ve really been digging me some pink lipstick lately.

The Colourpop shadows are this crazy weird consistency which kind of feels moist to the touch, but applies completely powder dry when you touch it to your eyelids. I like them because they all blend out and in to each other really easily. The metalliacs come off super shiny and sparkly and the mattes are super matte, just like you’d hope and expect. However, I over-thought the colors on the shadows a little too much just like I did on the lippie stix. I ended up picking the shades Cricket, I Heart This, Hustle & Hanky Panky. They’re all beautiful, but I found they’re kind of all too similar to each other in color.

Cricket (matte) is kind of the matte version of the shade Hustle (which is metallic) and I felt like I Heart This and Hanky Panky were too similar in color as well. (I Heart This) is a metallic taupe and the Hanky Panky is a matte tan color…  I wish I would have gotten a little more adventurous when picking out the color.


My next little purchase came from the store Five Below. Surprisingly, they carry a lot of cosmetics – and since nothing is over $5 there were a lot of inexpensive options for me to choose from.  However, I didn’t really like any of the City Colors palettes that they had there – but these blushes are kind of amazing! Matte and really pigmented and only $3 each. I got the shades pink grapefruit and papaya and I’ve used both several times.

The Wet N Wild “bronzer” you see to your left isn’t being used by me as a bronzer – but rather a highlighter. It’s in the shade reserve your cabana – and at $3 for that giant compact, I’ll have highlighter for years. Its a really nice, subtle highlight.

The two lipsticks pictured are totally novelties for me. I may never use them because the colors are a little too peachy for me (shades Lazy Days & Itty Bitty Kitty) but the tubes are shaped like CATS! Yes, I had to have them.  They were $2 each.

oneI got out of an interview one day and noticed I was very very close to an Ulta. I can never resist a good Ulta trip, so I stepped inside with no real intentions to buy anything and I left with the items you see here to the left.

I’ve used that Freeman clay mask twice so far – it’s nice and smells like I could eat it.  It’s in the scent chocolate & strawberry and it is really nice – and for only a couple of bucks there is a TON of product so it will last for quite a while.

I picked up a couple of things in the clearance bin just to try out – the yellow shade of Ulta eye shadow, the lipstick (also Ulta brand), the pink Essence shadow and the Almay concealer duo were all under $3 each. (I think the shadows were both under $1). The only one I’ve tried so far is the concealer – and I really don’t have a good impression of it.  It’s a little sticky, but I need to try it out more in order to formulate a decent opinion of it.

The NYX HD concealer is pretty awesome.  I’ve used these in the past and I absolutely love them. They have good coverage and are light enough to blend out without looking like you slathered a ton of crap all over your face.  The Maybelline Age Rewind concealer is an old stand-by for me. I use it all the time, and I decided it was time to pick up a back up in the brightening shade while I was at Ulta.

My favorite item (and the most expensive) was the Benefit Majorette cream blush. It’s absolutely wonderful – long lasting – pretty peach color – and suits my complexion really well. It’s a generous amount of product in the compact – and can we talk about how cute that compact is? I swear, I buy Benefit just because their packaging is so damn cute.

4Last Friday I had the day off and asked my buddy Kara if she wanted to meet up with me at the Sephora inside our local JC Penney (I had coupons) so we could just browse around. We’re always at Ulta together, but we never go to a Sephora (because there isn’t a “real” one anywhere nearby). We both picked up the All A Glow face pallet for $7.99. I found it to be very useful earlier this week as I was traveling and had to put on my makeup in the car. Everything you need for a full face look is in there – 3 cream concealers, 3 highlighters/translucent powders, 4 powder blushes, 3 cream blushes, 3 cream highlighters and 3 powder highlighter/bronzers. I’ve used it twice so far – and there isn’t a ton of cream product to go around – I admit, the light and medium colors are almost already used up after only 2 applications.

We also got 2 face and body glitter powder pots for $2.99 each (in rose gold & holographic). I’m not sure why I wanted these – they’re really shimmery – but they kind of reminded me of the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder (which I love – but which is $29 a compact) so for $3 I figured I would try them out. I wore the rose gold color out on a date with Mr. Man over the weekend and he admired it quite a lot on the areas that I applied it to my chest.  🙂

I also got two Xformula nail polishes for $1.99 each (colors: drawn to you & magma). Formula is pretty nice – and they’re pretty sparkly. That’s all I have to say about them so far.

5Most recently I got side-tracked in the cosmetic aisle at Kmart while waiting to pick up a prescription. Oh No! They had stuff on clearance! I picked up those two “I Love” brand shower exfoliating gels for $1.99 each. They smell really good, but I haven’t tried them out yet.

The Wet N Wild Coverall Creme Foundation is something that EmilyNoel83 suggested in a video lately. She mentioned that she really liked the coverage that this foundation gave – and for $3.99 I figured I would try it out. I wore it today – it’s got decent coverage and evened things out nicely on my face. Best part is that it didn’t make me all greasy as i wore it throughout the day. In all – it’s decent for the price. I’ll probably use it up, but don’t know if I would go back for more.

The two pencils you see were on clearance for a few cents each – one is a Wet N Wild cream liner in an olive color and the other is a brunette shade eyebrow pencil with a spoolie brush on one end.  I used the brow pencil today – it’s pretty standard. Perhaps a little dark for my liking, but it’s just like any other pencil I use on my eyebrows and it does the job.

The two lipsticks are cheapies as well – I got the Wet N Wild matte lipstick in “Vamp It Up” and God, is it awful. I will probably pass it on to a friend with darker skin. The other one is a Jordana modern matte lipstick that was $2.49. The shade is a medium nude and the formula is OK. I’ll keep it, probably for that standard “leave it in my purse” lipstick that I like to always have on hand.

mascara brushFinally – The 2 Milani products. I love Milani so much. The Total Lash Cover mascara I totally bought specifically because of the brush. (Clovis likes it too) I haven’t tried it yet – but I really like the way the brush is built. When I try it out, I’ll be sure to review it. I tend to like a wetter formula mascara and recently everything I’ve been trying (with the exception of Benefits “They’re Real” formula mascara) is pretty dry.

The Milani baked blush pictured is in Luminoso – which I picked up on NikkieTutorials suggestion as she’s named it one of her monthly favorites for blush for the last…  What…  12 months and running?  🙂  I admit, it’s a very beautiful peachy pink color and it’s very subtle on the cheeks.