Old, Cat-crazed woman seeks blog…

lipstick2015 is 14 days in and this new blog (a gift from my excellently-thoughtful husband) has been up and running for a few weeks now.  Because work has been something of a nightmare with all of the automotive plants I support coming back up full-force for 2015 production, I haven’t had as much time to dedicate to the development of this site as I would have liked to.

So that gets you probably asking…  “So Amy, what is your vision for this website?”

I have so many visions – but I honestly don’t want to nail myself down to one specific theme for my new blogging adventure.  At first, and as the first part of my blog’s name may suggest, I’ve recently become more enthusiastic about beauty and fashion.  YouTube has turned me into an obsessive beauty vlog stalker.  I am excited every time I see Cora or Emily have posted a new video to their YouTube channels.  My Instagram has also underwent quite an overhaul.  Subscription box reviews have really driven my follower-ship and I have received so many offers to review products.  It’s really quite fun, and it’s a very nice way to try out new products for cheap & free

But there’s so much more I want to share than just makeup and dresses.  Lets talk a little bit about the second half of my blog’s title:  Cat Fur.bub

I love cats.  All cats.  All colors, shapes, sizes & breeds.  I’ve always been a cat person, adopting my first cat when I was 9 and continually having felines in my life ever since.  Many of my major decisions in life are based off of my love of cats.  First and foremost, it is a requirement for anyone that requests to share any part of their life with me to enjoy cats, if not tolerate them for my sake.  My husband is a prime example – he’s a cat guy…  Even though that’s not what originally attracted me to him, learning that he was just as much of a feline-freak as I was definitely gave us something to bond over.

Speaking of cats, I have definitely taken a very strong liking to the recent trend of Internet celebrity cats.  I love me some Tardar Sauce, Princess MonsterTruck, Pudge, NalaCat & Colonel Meow (RIP)…  But by far the Internet kitty that has stolen my heart is the one and only Lil BUB.  BUB is an amazing animal who has been blessed with a fantastic human to care for her.  I have had the pleasure of meeting both BUB and her “dude” a few times and she has stolen my heart.

I could go on and on about Lil BUB, makeup, product reviews, shoes, music, travel, food, etc. etc. etc.  for ages (and I often do), and even though that is the point of this entire blog, it is  not the point of this post.

grayWhat I want to accomplish more than anything through blogging is a desire I have to share myself with my peers. This year I turn 40.  As a modern, educated, successful, woman there is a part of me that is embarrassed that I am so worried about my upcoming milestone birthday.  Society tells women like me to either do one of two things:  Embrace my age and accept it gracefully – or fight it off at all costs.  I am not sure where I fall on either end of those extremes yet.

As my husband and close friends can tell you, turning 30 was difficult for me.  Every milestone birthday since 21 has been somewhat of a struggle.  The inevitable 40 year leap in to middle-age is something I have been contemplating (good & bad) for the last several years as I reach my middle-age cusp.  It wasn’t until recently that I began to understand how normal it is for women to have different fears and feelings about aging.

As a younger woman, I never would have imagined that I would be concerned about getting older.  However, as I have watched my hair gray, eyes wrinkle, boobs sag & thighs spread over the course of my thirties… I realize I am not as invincible as I once thought I was.  Everyone of a significantly mature age understands that as we live life we learn that nothing is concrete.  Appearances change, relationships change, situations change.  I amemergency at a point where I am trying to come to terms with the many changes that are happening both physically and spiritually in my life.  My paths to where I am at in my life now have not always been paved in gold.  I have experienced a lot of sad, happy, terrifying, unusual and downright hilarious moments which have shaped me into the woman that I am today.

Writing about my journey in a tongue-in-cheek, honest, self-depreciating (at times) manner helps me cope with my fears about growing older.  It is my hope that sharing my experiences as I go through all of life’s changes in mid-life can help others by being therapeutic, inspiring, hilarious – and most of all – help people realize that its normal to be a little wacky.