“Wha nu kill fatten” – What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger (Caribbean Phrase)

Mr. Man and I leave for our second Caribbean (Southern, this time) cruise in 2 days along with 6 of our closest friends, some of their family members and even some of their friends. We’ve got a BIG group going this time and it is sure to be amazingly fun! We’re headed to Aruba, Bonaire & Grand Turk via Port Canaveral, FL on the Carnival Sunshine.  It’s an 8 day cruise – a total time off of work for nearly 2 weeks – and I couldn’t be more thrilled to leave!

I feel very fortunate to be able to do this at this time of the year because – Goddamn – Milwaukee knows how to get cold.  It’s currently face freezingly numb here on the lakefront and I just want to cuddle inside my little loft with our cats and forget about the cold outside. HOWEVER, it turns out that our historical, old, brick loft is very drafty and extremely chilly – especially in our penthouse unit that happens to have a master bedroom which is on a corner and has 2 full walls of windows.  The view? Awesome. Basically sleeping outside? Not so great. I wake up with a cold nose every morning.

ScaryOcean09We have snorkeling and conch diving planned as excursions off the coast of Grand Turk.  I’m excited – but more so – terrified.  I have one of those phobias of natural water.  Can’t see bottom?  Nope.  Can’t touch bottom?  Nope.  Big ass fish swimming around me like they give zero shits?  Nope!

I think a lot of people share my fear.  I don’t like not knowing what may sneak up behind me and eat me just because it can swim faster than I can flounder around in the water.  This picture pretty much sums up every nightmare I’ve had about Fred and I diving since we paid for and confirmed our excursion.

So here we go…  Anybody got any tropical suggestions for the destinations we’re visiting next week?  The pink lake in Bonaire?  Any nightlife suggestions for Aruba?  This is a very long cruise with lots of “funship” days planned where we plan to soak up some rays on the deck and spend some very much needed quality time with all of our friends.  We’re feeling very lonesome and homesick for our pals since we’ve moved to Wisconsin.  We’ve adapted to life so well here that it’s almost hard to believe that we’ve been gone from Michigan for 10 whole months.

I confess – there was a big part of me that pretty much expected I wouldn’t last – I thought I’d return home with my tail between my legs after a month or two.  I’m very, very thankful that Fred and I have encouraged each other to make the most out of this experience. We’re finally able to begin doing some of the things we’ve always dreamed of doing with our time together!

I’ll be sure to post a full synopsis when we return of my terrifyingly (and probably supremely amusing) account of being in the ocean among the coral and the fishes.